Guarding your Business – Why Access Security is Crucial

27 March 2024

The NCSC reports that 28% of cyber breaches in New Zealand are criminal or financially motivated. And with forecasts suggesting this statistic will only climb higher in 2024, the urgency for enhanced security measures couldn't be clearer.

Enter Access Security — the frontline defence against these digital threats.

What is Access Security?

Access control is the gatekeeper of digital security, deciding who can access specific data, apps, and resources, and under what conditions. Just as keys and guest lists safeguard physical spaces, access control policies protect digital spaces.

Access control plays a pivotal role in cybersecurity by regulating access to resources. In an IT security setting, this could entail deciding who can access and edit specific files, what equipment is permissible for use, or who can access certain devices.

Given the vast amount of data under businesses' control and the potential risk of it falling into the wrong hands, owners and IT managers must carefully consider access control as part of their IT and business management strategy.

The significance of access control becomes even more clear when considering the protection of company data. Shockingly the average cost of a data breach, according to Gartner, is 14 million NZD. Whether it's safeguarding employee HR paperwork, protecting trade secrets, securing product plans, or preserving the confidentiality of personal customer details, every business's core essence lies within its data. Therefore, it's imperative for every business to meticulously attend to how they store, access, and safeguard this invaluable asset.

Introducing SASE

Businesses facing evolving security challenges can rely on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions such as Unified Aruba SASE. These platforms provide a comprehensive security solution by seamlessly integrating access control, network security, and more.

Secure Access Service Edge revolutionises cybersecurity by combining networking and security functions into a single cloud-delivered service. It provides a comprehensive approach to security by seamlessly integrating capabilities like secure web gateways, firewalls, and zero trust network access. SASE simplifies management, enhances threat detection, and adapts to changing business needs, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

Benefits for Hybrid Workers

Research from Massey University reports that 41% of New Zealanders work in hybrid settings. SASE plays a vital role in ensuring secure access for remote and hybrid users. By connecting them to nearby cloud gateways, SASE ends the need for traffic backhauling to corporate data centres, enhancing collaboration and safeguarding sensitive data.

Importance of Visibility and Compliance

SASE solutions offer enhanced visibility and compliance capabilities critical for keeping regulatory compliance and protecting sensitive data. By merging networking and security functions, SASE provides comprehensive visibility into network activity, users, and applications. This enables businesses to watch and enforce compliance policies effectively, mitigating the risk of regulatory penalties and data breaches.

Success Stories

Explore how businesses benefit from implementing SASE in their environments.

Don't Become a Statistic

Take proactive steps to protect your business from cyber threats and avoid becoming one of the Government reported, 2136 businesses that suffered cyber breaches last quarter.

Join us for our upcoming roundtable event where we'll delve deeper into the crucial topic of access security and its role in safeguarding businesses against cyber threats.

Register now to secure your spot and gain valuable insights.

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