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Cyber threats are constantly evolving, but so are we.

Reliance on technology has never been greater, and so are the risks of that technology to your business. We could quote a lot of scary statistics, but let’s face it – they keep changing, and not for the better.

Today managing your digital security requires a multi-faceted approach; there are no silver bullets, and the goalposts keep moving. We can help ensure your processes and software are adequately minimising your risk profile, allowing you to focus on what you do best as a business.
As an organisation, we have achieved ISO 27001 Certification - the global gold standard in Information Security Management.  Achieving this was not easy, but we knew that it was the right thing to do for our customers. You want to know that the team keeping your business secure can stand behind their credentials.
So how can we help you? Our services cover the breadth of the NIST CSF Framework, which are all about managing the five pillars of tracking cyber risk:

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Are you confident in your business’s approach to digital security compliance and risk mitigation? Our experts can help you select the right cybersecurity framework, and create plans to achieve compliance and reduce risk.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is one of the most critical actions you can take to understand just how secure your organisation is. Test your defences by identifying weaknesses in your cyber security framework before attackers do.

Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web Monitoring service allows us to detect if your users’ credentials have been compromised by a third-party breach and are being traded on the Dark or Deep Web. If detected, you can take immediate action to prevent a potentially costly data breach.


Our vCISO service is a tailored information security program that offers expert security advice without the cost of an in-house CISO. Improve your security and ensure compliance with industry regulations while saving money and freeing up internal resources for other priorities.

Managed Firewall

We offer a wide range of managed firewall services, including virtual firewall platforms across on-premise and cloud environments. Our managed firewall service delivers powerful, easy-to-use and affordable enterprise-class protection, delivered by experts.

Endpoint Protection

Our anti-virus service keeps your servers and workstations safe from known and emerging malware. Our endpoint protection solution keeps abreast of the latest threats and uses signature-based protection to ensure that your environment is shielded from threats as they surface.

MDR Service

Incorporating anti-virus, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Managed Detection and Response Service screens user and system behaviour to identify threats as they begin. Utilising the latest technology, this fully managed service can stop the craftiest of adversaries in their tracks.

Security Awareness Training

Educate your workforce to combat the spread of cyber-attacks. Coupled with the largest global security content library, we share effective and engaging resources, such as interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters, all managed by the Softsource vBridge team.

Indelible - Immutable Data

Create a solid foundation for your digital environment by backing it up to a secure, ransomware-free repository. Indelible backup offers immutable backups so that cybercriminals cannot destroy your data. We can protect your data in M365, on premise or in the cloud.

MDR Service

The Softsource vBridge MDR service interacts with your EDR provider and overlays behavioural analytics allowing us to identify even the stealthiest of activities. The monitoring of seemingly trusted applications by trained analysts identifies threat actors that use common toolsets chained together to attack infrastructure that EDR or AV tools alone dismiss or don’t identify as malicious.

Web Monitoring

Our Web Monitoring service is a proactive solution that scans the dark web, a hidden part of the internet, for any compromised credentials or sensitive information related to your organisation. Continuously monitoring and alerting you to potential threats, this service identifies and mitigates risks associated with data breaches and unauthorised access.

MDR Service

The Softsource vBridge MDR service constantly monitors your network. When an incident is detected, the MDR service investigates and takes appropriate action to contain the identified threat. This can be by isolating or deleting the process or isolating the device from the network. Once an action has been taken, our trained analysts work with you to remediate the threat fully from your network, returning you to normal operation.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Service

Plan for your response to a cybersecurity incident using our Governance, Risk & Compliance service. Our GRC service helps identify risks so your teams can plan their responses. In addition, we help with tabletop exercises to validate the plans and provide theoretical experiences for your teams.

Skilled Response Resources

Draw on the knowledge of our highly skilled security team for ongoing assistance or when the worst-case scenario occurs. We can help mitigate the cyber threat to prevent exacerbation of the incident and then work with your business toward a resolution.

Skilled Recovery Resources

Should your system be compromised, you can call on our highly skilled consultants, who are available to assist in rebuilding or recovering your data and systems.

"There are only two types of organisations:
Those that have been hacked and those that don’t know it yet!"

John Chambers   Executive chairman and former CEO of Cisco Systems

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ISO27001 Certification

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised standard that ensures we comply with recommended processes, technologies and behaviours that decrease the likelihood of security breaches. It’s the only auditable standard that deals with the overall management of information security and is widely regarded globally as the gold standard.

Ensuring high standards of security risk management are a core fundamental principle of the services delivered by Softsource vBridge. We are proud of our security posture and invest significant time, effort, and capital in ensuring that we deliver high standards of security for our clients – failures in security can be catastrophic for our clients and we take that responsibility very seriously.


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We have a longstanding relationship with Softsource vBridge (formerly Softsource Ltd) and they always deliver on their promises. They’re clear about what they can do and they deliver it efficiently. During the Backup and DR upgrade project their team’s knowledge was next level. This meant I could be completely hands off and put my time into other areas of the business,
Michael Scarlett
IT Manager, Mainstream

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