Upgrade Your Devices for Greater Business Outcomes

The most successful businesses bring together people with different skill sets and different life experiences to create a unique company identity, fusing a wide spectrum of knowledge, attitudes and intuition and into a single coherent voice.

They also look to do the same thing with the hardware and software that supports the work their people do, creating a synergy between humans and machines that allows them to outperform the competition.

Old and outdated devices and software can contribute significantly to slowing the progress of work, preventing your people from performing at their best and adversely affecting your company’s reputation amongst its customers.

That’s why you should always be looking to stay one step ahead, because the technology is constantly evolving and it’s just sound business sense to invest in the latest innovations to help maximise your productivity, collaboration, connectivity and security.

Trust us, the most successful businesses are already upgrading.

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 Pro today
There’s no point upgrading to an operating system designed for today’s fast-changing, hybrid-fluid workplace if you’re still tapping away on yesterday’s devices.

Check out HP’s online REFLECT experience and you’ll discover some fascinating insights into your digital self and the way you engage with digital tools.

It will definitely get you thinking about what you should really be looking for in your office devices moving forward. You’ll discover there’s far more to buying a new device than simply buying a new device.

Ergonomically designed to look good and make working with them a pleasure, they bring together durability and functionality with outstanding speed, enhanced connectivity and premium technology to deliver the benchmark performance parameters every business is looking for.

5 biggest challenges facing business in 2022.
Every business is different. But according to the experts at eCommerce Fastlane there are some challenges that we’re all going to face to a greater or lesser degree as business looks to come back even stronger from the uncertainty of the last couple of years.

We all need to stay flexible - Identify opportunities to stay flexible in the months ahead. Offer employees the choice to work from home to improve satisfaction and minimise risk. Allow time in your calendars for disruption. Improve communication with suppliers to stay up to date with any shortage issues. Remember that weather events and pandemic spikes can cause disruption with little warning.

Security remains a major issue - Talk to a cybersecurity expert from Softsource vBridge about where your business may be vulnerable. Educate your employees about the security measures that they should be taking. Try to implement two-factor authentication and password generators. Upgrade to new software and update regularly.

Customer satisfaction is crucial – If you don’t already have one, create a dedicated customer service and satisfaction position. Make it easy for customers and clients to contact you with any queries. Prioritise prompt response times. Monitor your social media channels for any interaction, good or bad.

Your online presence is vital - Redesign your website to reflect your skills, expertise, and company ethos. Install an AI chatbot that will engage visitors on arrival and keep them on your page for longer. Create content for your website that is SEO-driven. Employ a social media officer to manage your social channels.

Make employee health a priority - Create clear channels where employees can raise concerns and health issues. Stay up to date with emerging issues. Encourage employees to monitor their working hours, especially if they are remote working, to avoid the issue of burnout. Find out what you can provide for employee mental health support.

Upgrade for success, give Softsource vBridge a call
Big or small, local or international, we all measure business goals differently. But we all want to enjoy what we do and give our business and the people we work with the best chance to succeed. So, if you’ve got any questions about Windows 11 Pro, the HP range of devices or you’d like to know how Softsource vBridge Managed Services could help boost your business productivity, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help.

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