Mainstream Gains Advanced Security with Leading Edge Backup and DR Solution

22 September 2022

About Mainstream

Established in 1992, Mainstream began as a domestic freight service and has grown to be a world-class integrated supply chain. The organisation is built on a customer-centric approach and has a large fleet of trucks that operate across New Zealand.

Mainstream run their own IT infrastructure and were hosting their backup and disaster recovery in a colocation facility in Auckland.

The Challenge

With Mainstream’s backup and disaster recovery equipment reaching the end
of its economic life and looming cyber security threats across New Zealand,
it was becoming increasingly apparent that Mainstream needed to upgrade.
They were looking for a Managed Backup solution as well as a Disaster
Recovery solution that would better protect the company from data loss.

Michael Scarlett, IT Manager at Mainstream was seeking a cost-effective service that would improve their protection against cyber attacks. It was also important that the solution was easy to manage so their in-house IT team could save valuable time while having peace of mind that their data is secure.

“We’d seen other businesses in New Zealand who had been compromised and didn’t have the right data backups in place for a quick or complete recovery.
Mainstream had an aging backup system that our team was spending a lot of time managing. I wanted to free up our team by offloading that work to a
trusted provider”

Michael Scarlett, IT Manager at Mainstream

Mainstream’s IT team was spending a lot of time keeping their backups up and running and didn’t have access to modern functionality such as immutability and automation.
The goal was to gain access to more features without significantly increasing the costs.

“Three of the main aspects we were looking for in our new backup and disaster recovery solution was immutability, easy management, and 24/7 security,” said Scarlett.

The Solution

The latest innovation in data protection, Indelible Backup from Softsource vBridge was the perfect fit for Mainstream as it combines immutability, object storage and daily testing to keep their data safer than ever, 24/7. It also helped Mainstream meet their compliance and cyber insurance requirements ticking all the boxes including ISO27001 certification. Mainstream can now rest easy with data that’s locked and safe from
ransomware, wherever it lives ensuring data cannot be re-encrypted, modified or deleted.

“We were weighing up a couple of options, but Indelible had a good price point while ticking all our boxes. In particular, the immutability feature means we can backup data and know it will be untouched and available to us for a determined amount of time,”
said Scarlett.

By saving Mainstream’s IT team a significant amount of management time, Indelible provides the cost-effective solution they were looking for while delivering extra benefits such as expert management, immutability, and scalability.

The Results

Mainstream can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have airtight and futureproof data protection. With Indelible, they’re better prepared and able to prevent disruptions that could have brought their business to a standstill.

“The Indelible solution from Softsource vBridge provides the scalability, additional cyber security, and easy management that we were looking for. It’s made our lives easier and has also given the IT team and our board members peace of mind,” explained Scarlett.

The immutability of Indelible delivers peace of mind while helping Mainstream to meet insurance requirements. It provides bulletproof ransomware protection by ensuring data can’t be re-encrypted, modified or deleted for the requested amount of time. On top of this, Softsource vBridge experts conduct daily comprehensive testing on every block of data being backed up, providing an additional layer of security.
With endless scalability, Mainstream can update their Indelible backup and Disaster Recovery solution at any time to meet changing data storage needs without limitations.
The team can also now achieve faster data retrieval thanks to the flash storage feature, delivering seamless workflows and quicker response times.
Want to find out how to protect your business from the growing cyber threats? Get in touch with our team of experts today.

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