Harnessing AI You Didn't Know You Had

08 February 2024
What if AI is already available to you, and you just aren't aware of it?

With a 270% increase in organisations using some form of AI in the last four years, reaching 37%, there's a growing pressure for businesses to jump on the AI bandwagon.  
It's essential to take a strategic approach to AI integration, ensuring that you're not overlooking potential AI capabilities that may be at your fingertips in your current systems. AI enhancements already include speed, accuracy, personalisation and protection, and you can enhance these features more with the right knowledge.


Unveiling the Unseen: AI-Powered Devices 

While AI often brings to mind futuristic concepts like self-driving cars, the integration of this technology into laptops and desktops brings immediate improvements to the user experience. 
With AI handling complex processes on these devices, users can save time and focus more on tasks that require human strengths, like reasoning and creative work. The advantage of machine learning further boosts efficiency over time, especially in repetitive tasks. 


Pump Up Your Productivity with AI

Video Processing with Intel Movidius VPU AI Accelerator: 

  • Automates tasks like blurring backgrounds and framing faces effectively. 
  • Offloads tasks from the main CPU and GPU components, enhancing performance. 

Clearer Sound with HP AI Noise Reduction: 

  • Measures the environment and adjusts to highlight the user's voice. 
  • Filters background noise for clear communication in any setting. 

Enhanced Meetings with HP Presence Technology: 

  • Automatic tracking with an 88-degree wide-viewing angle for immersive meetings. 
  • Three tracking modes to capture every detail without missing the action. 

Advanced Antivirus Protection with HP Sure Sense: 

  • Utilises deep learning to recognise and protect against emerging threats. 
  • Lightweight on system resources, even working offline for enhanced security. 


Important Steps in AI Integration

1. Start Small  

Embark on your AI journey at your own pace. Procure HP devices, powered by Intel® Core™ processors, with built-in AI through Softsource vBridge for a secure and straightforward introduction to AI. This allows your team to adapt gradually, making the transition smooth and manageable. 

2. Education

Softsource vBridge simplifies AI understanding. We provide accessible education and insights, ensuring you and your team are well-prepared for the AI journey. Join our events focused on enhancing your working environment using the tools already within your laptop. 

3. Continuous Support

Softsource vBridge's Managed Services offer continuous support for your AI integration. From 24/7 Service Desk Support to hands-on help, we provide the ongoing help you need for a straightforward and reliable AI experience. Our goal is to make AI integration a seamless part of your operations, ensuring you can focus on your work without any technical complexities. 

Explore the transformative possibilities of AI for your business. Softsource vBridge offers events and learning opportunities to help you enhance your working environment, whether you're taking the first steps or looking to improve existing AI practices. 

Contact Softsource today for a consultation. 

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